October 14th 2016

Thousand of players love Pawarumi

Bordeaux, France

This summer, Manufacture 43 started to show its first game, Pawarumi, at Gamescom and Animasia. From Germany to France, visitors from all ages and horizons were enchanted by this new take on the genre.

An intense week at the Indie Arena Booth of Gamescom

Being selected to be part of the 60 independant developers of the now famous Indie Arena Booth was a great opportunity for Manufacture 43. It was the perfect event to start showcasing the pre-alpha of their original shoot’em up to the world.
In the ocean of people that Gamescom is, the three developers gathered feedback from hundreds of gamers that lined up to try Pawarumi during the week. People were really pleased by the deep yet intuitive gameplay system, the handling and the art of the game.
Some of the visitors were instantly addicted and came back many times just to beat their score. For the developers, it was a good sign for the release next year.

Pawarumi @ Gamescom 2016 on Youtube

A month of improvement with Bordeaux’s Animasia in sight

Even after an exhausting week, the team didn’t rest and continued improving the game. Visitors of Animasia could enjoy an even more polished experience and had the chance to play a whole new level of the game.
With a mainly younger audience, Animasia proved that Pawarumi appeals to everyone. New players fell in love with the game and, again, came back multiple times throughout the event to improve their score. Another good sign for the release.

What’s next ?

Tireless, the team is now working on presenting the game to Steam’s Greenlight and creating new levels. Stay tuned for more about this modern take on the genre by following Manufacture 43 on Facebook and Twitter.

About Pawarumi

Pawarumi is a modern take on the genre of shoot’em ups. With an intuitive yet deep game system and shiny graphics, it aims to appeal to hardcore fans as well as people who might have felt left out of the genre because of its traditionally insane difficulty. Pawarumi is scheduled for release on PC early next year and later on consoles. Discover more on pawarumi.com !

About Manufacture 43

Manufacture 43 is an independent studio based Bordeaux, France, also home to several well known game developers, such as Asobo Studio and Motion Twin. The three founding members, a programmer and two graphic artists, have worked the past 8 years in the videogame industry. They are dedicated to offer players original games with sleek graphics and mechanics that capitalize on the legacy of the classics.


Email: info@manufacture43.com
Phone: +33 (0) 6 75 26 15 65